Shanghai Academy Holds Blockchain and Food Safety Traceability Salon
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On September 27, Shanghai Academy and Shanghai Committee of Experts on Information Technology jointly held a salon themed on “blockchain and food safety traceability” on which experts conducted heated discussion on Blockchain and its application in agriculture and food safety. Xiao Jian, Director of the Research Office of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, chaired the salon.

Ma Xiaofeng, Deputy Director of the Big Data and Cyber Security Research Center of Tongji University, made a speech titled Blockchain and Application first. He introduced the progress of Tongji University in Blockchain research and Blockchain application in China, analyzed the content of Blockchain, and then pointed out the essence of Blockchain was to solve community incentive, point-to-point circulation of value and credit, raised four public misunderstandings about Blockchain and three Blockchain application projects, and lastly, vividly explained applications of Blockchain in health care, finance, reading, and campus, etc. Yao Zhuojun, Anlink Director of Zhongan Technology, analyzed the application of Blockchain in agriculture based on the company’s cases. He believed that Blockchain would greatly improve agricultural production, sale and management modes and it would be an important means to accelerate agricultural modernization. Xu Zhen, General Manager of Shanghai INESA Traceability Technology Co., Ltd, introduced the company’s achievements and progress in Shanghai’s food safety information construction, and discussed the application of Blockchain in food safety traceability to solve public food safety. 

Experts at the salon brainstormed issues around Blockchain and conducted in-depth discussions. Ding Jiong, Chairman of Shanghai Shuquan Data Technology Co., Ltd, shared his understanding of Blockchain and relevant studies from breakthroughs in core technologies of Blockchain. Representatives from Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration raised the application of Blockchain in transforming the current database, realizing data sharing and improving data application, and about the difference in demand between traditional databases and Blockchain data bases, and several experts sharing their experience. Experts at the salon also discussed future development of the Blockchain industry and enterprises, how Blockchain improves current traceability means, management and business modes, and technical innovation momentum.  

Participants of the salon include representatives from Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration, Huangpu District Commission of Science and Technology, Pudong District Commission of Science, Technology and Economy, Zhongan Technology, Shanghai Data Exchange Corp., and Shanghai University, and staff of Shanghai Academy.


(By Xie Nini)