2018 Work Program of Shanghai Academy on Reexamination of Excellent Graduates Recommended for Admission without Entrance Exams
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Shanghai Academy is a research institute jointly set up by CASS and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government on June 5, 2015, and its domicile is Beida Building of Shanghai University, No.149, Yanchang Road, Shanghai. Based in Shanghai and serving the whole country, Shanghai Academy aims to build itself into a high-end think tank, a high-end talent cultivation base, a high-end platform for international exchanges and cooperation and a high-end national situation investigation base (“four high-end bases”) by centering on the major theories and practical issues about the socialist reform and development with Chinese characteristics, and by making use of the advantages of CASS in scientific research and policy consulting. Shanghai Academy will give play to its own advantages, cooperate with relevant research institutes, and carry out work centering on national strategies and the major tasks that Shanghai undertakes as a pioneer in the move to deepen the reform, so as to achieve the positioning of “four high-end bases” and improve Shanghai’s research and innovation ability in strategic research, political suggestion provision, talent cultivation, public opinion guidance, and public foreign affairs. It will vigorously explore institutional innovation in the construction of new-type think tanks with Chinese characteristics and further deepen cooperation with the city, with the aim to serve China’s reform and Shanghai’s innovation. Shanghai Academy will cultivate postgraduates by relying on related institutions of CASS. All its postgraduate tutors are research fellows in related institutions of CASS, and each qualified postgraduate will be awarded a master’s degree of related discipline in Shanghai University.

These measures are developed in accordance with the spirit of relevant documents, including the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on Further Improving the Working Methods for Recommending Excellent Graduates for Admission to Postgraduate Studies (JIAO XUE TING [2014] No.5) and the Measures for the Administration of the Recommendation of Excellent Graduates for Admission without Entrance Exams by Regular Institutions of Higher Education (Trial Implementation) (JIAO XUE [2006] No.14) and the Implementation Measures of Shanghai University for the Acceptance of Excellent Graduates Recommended for Admission without Entrance Exams in 2018 (SHANG DA NEI [2017] No.112), and in combination with the actual conditions of Shanghai Academy.

I. Working Principles 

Led by Shanghai University, Shanghai Academy will adhere to the principles of open, fair, just, preferential, and scientific selection, and carry out autonomous enrollment. All candidates will be assessed and prioritized in morality, intelligence, and physical aspects, so as to ensure the enrollment quality.

II. Reexamination Organization Management

According to the requirements set forth in the documents of Shanghai University, a leading group for reexamination of recommended students will be set up under Shanghai Academy to take charge of recommended student reexamination

Reexamination leading group:

Leader: Wen Xueguo

Members: Yang Huijun, Xiong Hou, Zhu Cheng, Chen Yao, Li Chunguang,

Zhang Jun

III. Reexamination Requirements

1. An applicant must support the leadership of the CPC, support the socialist system, be willing to serve the socialist modernization drive, enjoy huge potential in scientific research, have good moral character, observe disciplines and laws, and be ambitious, hardworking, diligent in thinking, and innovative. 

2. An applicant must be an excellent student graduating in 2018 from any college or university with the right of recommendation for admission without entrance exams, be qualified in the recommendation for admission without entrance exams and occupy the quota of graduates recommended for admission without entrance exams at the school where he or she graduates. All the recommendation procedures must be gone through and the recommendation documents must be complete.

3. The applicants with both discipline performance and comprehensive quality ranking among the best in corresponding disciplines will be prioritized.

4. An applicant must have good performance in all the practical teaching processes, have good health that satisfies specified physical examination standards, and meet the national physical training requirements.

5. An applicant must provide the following materials during registration: (1) The original and copy of his or her ID card within the period of validity, the original and copy of his or her student ID card registered in each semester; (2) The original of the academic records, sealed with the official stamp of the office of academic affairs of the school and covering all previous years of learning; (3) Other materials that are valuable to application, such as the personal resume, academic papers published as a bachelor degree candidate and certificates of awards.

IV. Reexamination Workflow

1. Nonlocal examinees participating in the reexamination of Shanghai Academy are expected to reach Building No. 1, Lehu Hotel, Baoshan Campus, Shanghai University on September 26 and check in as examinees in the reexamination of Shanghai Academy.

2. Time of reexamination: September 27, 2017; Venue of reexamination: Beida Building, No.149, Yanchang Road, Shanghai (Examinees will head for the site together by bus at the gate of Lehu Building No.1, Baoshan, at 7:30 on the morning of September 27).

3. Reexamination arrangement

08:30~09:00 Submission of written materials; Venue: Room 303, Beida


09:00~11:00 English interview (five minutes per applicant); Venue:

Room103 and Room 308, Beida Building

13:00~18:00 Discipline interview (ten minutes per applicant) Venue:

Room 207, Beida Building (sociology), Room 308 (economics), Room103


The results of admission will be publicized at 20:00. Those qualified in the reexamination are expected to log in to the service system for graduate recommendation for admission without entrance exams on the postgraduate enrollment information website by 11:00 on the morning of September 28, and the academy will send proposed admission notices via the website. Examinees shall log in the website to confirm whether they accept the proposed admission in a timely manner. The information of those who accept the proposed admission will be submitted to the postgraduate enrollment leading group of the academy for review and confirmation. The final list of admission will be submitted to the Graduate School of Shanghai University for review.

V. Contents of Reexamination 

The reexamination includes English and comprehensive discipline test, out of a total possible 100 points (30 points for English and 70 points for comprehensive discipline test). Since the students applying for recommendation come from different faculties of different schools and have different discipline backgrounds, no written tests will be arranged in the reexamination, and the final ranking and admission will be based on reexamination results. 

VI. Admission Principles

1. All candidates will be assessed and prioritized in morality, intelligence and physical aspects, so as to ensure the enrollment quality. An admission list will be determined according to the reexamination result ranking of all examinees.

2. All materials submitted must be authentic. Any applicant found to have submitted false materials will be disqualified from recommendation.

VII. Preferential Policies

In addition to related awarding and subsidy policies of the school, any recommended student formally admitted to Shanghai Academy may also enjoy the following preferential policies: (1) Choosing dual tutors (one tutor at CASS and one assistant tutor at Shanghai University) and enjoying the academic resources in both Beijing and Shanghai; (2) Priority in participating in the research projects of Shanghai Academy; (3) Priority in taking part in the social practice and investigation activities in Karamay and other bases; (4) Scholarship awarded by both Shanghai University and Shanghai Academy; (5) Priority in enjoying the subsidies for academic activities; (6) Priority in participating in the master-doctor continuous study program; (7) The academy purchases Grade 2 seats in high-speed trains and arranges accommodation for the students taking part in the reexamination.

VIII. Others

1. Applicants must ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the application materials they submit. The academy will publicize the recommended students that it plans to admit after the end of the reexamination. If the information submitted by any applicant is not authentic or accurate, he or she will not be admitted to the academy.

2. If a recommended student that the academy decides to admit fails to obtain the graduate diploma at the time of registration, the academy will cancel his or her qualification for admission.

3. Any applicant shall not have any records of cheating in tests or plagiarizing from the academic works of others or any punishment records during undergraduate studies.

4. Any admitted student shall not take part in the national entrance examination for postgraduates of the year, or his or her qualification for admission without entrance exams will be cancelled.