2018 Reexamination of Excellent Graduates Recommended for Admission without Entrance Exams of Shanghai Academy Launched
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On September 27, Shanghai Academy launched the 2018 Reexamination of Excellent Graduates Recommended for Admission without Entrance Exams. The reexamination was targeted at students recommended by schools of higher learning in 2018, for admission to postgraduate studies. A total of 51 students nationwide earlier registered for the reexamination.

The reexamination included English and comprehensive professional tests, out of a total possible score of 100 points (30 points for English and 70 points for the comprehensive professional test). Since the students applying for recommendation come from different faculties of different schools and have different discipline backgrounds, no written tests were arranged in the reexamination, and the final ranking and admission will be based on reexamination results.

The students qualified in the reexamination are expected to log in to the service system for graduate recommendation for admission without entrance exams on the postgraduate enrollment information website by 11:00 on the morning of September 28, and Shanghai Academy will send proposed admission notices via the website. Examinees must log into the website in a timely manner, to confirm whether they accept the proposed admission. The information of those who accept the proposed admission will be submitted to the postgraduate enrollment leading group of the academy for review and confirmation. The final list of admissions will be submitted to the Graduate School of Shanghai University for review.

Led by Shanghai University, Shanghai Academy will adhere to the principles of open, fair, just, preferential and scientific selection, and carry out autonomous enrollment. All candidates will be assessed and prioritized in morality, intelligence and physical aspects, so as to ensure enrollment quality.


Article and photos by Xie Nini