Shanghai Academy Holds Talks among Master and Doctoral Supervisors
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On September 27, as Shanghai Academy carried out the 2018 reexamination of excellent graduates recommended for admission without entrance exams, the supervisors took the time and attended talks held by the academy, having in-depth exchanges about the work related to postgraduates. Wen Xueguo, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Academy, was present at the meeting.

In his speech, Wen Xueguo briefed the enrollment work at Shanghai Academy, described the difficulties that the admitted students find, about the distance and contact with supervisors, and suggested that supervisors should actively increase exchanges with students and actually help students improve their academic and research abilities. He also introduced the main achievements of Shanghai Academy and innovative means of payment, encouraged supervisors to pay attention to the issues about Shanghai and the fields that Shanghai presently focuses on, such as the financial and economic reforms, construction of Shanghai into the “four centers”, construction of the free trade zone, and technological innovation. He expected the supervisors to write for the Key Reference and thus enrich the channels of the academy for research innovation.

Centering on the problems existing in the current postgraduate enrollment and corresponding solutions, the meeting proposed a series of constructive suggestions, such as; including the supervisor system of Shanghai Academy into the assessment system of CASS; improving the systems aimed to encourage postgraduates to take part in supervisors’ research projects; and developing both the system for postgraduates’ investigations at home and abroad, and the system about tuitions.

Researcher Yi Shaohua and Associate Researcher Yu Shuyi from the National Academy of Economic Strategy, CASS, Researcher Shan Jingjing from the Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies, CASS, Researcher Wang Junxiu, Researcher Pan Yi, Associate Researcher Lv Peng and Associate Researcher Zhang Hao from the Institute of Sociology, Researcher Zhi Zhenfeng and Researcher Ran Hao from the Institute of Law,  Associate Researcher Chen Huashan from the Institute of Social Development Strategies, Associate Researcher Zheng Shilin from the Institute of Quantitative & Technical Economics, Associate Researcher Cheng Jie from the Institute of Population and Labor Economics, Associate Researcher Chen Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary-General of China’s Society for Regional Economy, and Zhang Jun, Deputy Director of the Secretariat of Shanghai Academy attended the meeting.


Article by Xiang Jinmei, Photo by Xie Nini