Shi Chuandong Visits Shanghai Academy
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On September 22, a 6-member delegation from Dalian, including Shi Chuandong, Deputy Secretary-General of the CPC Dalian Municipal Committee, Shao Longfu, Deputy Director of the Policy Research Office of the CPC Dalian Municipal Committee, Yin Yongjiang, Deputy Director of Dalian Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Han Guang, Deputy Director of Dalian Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Chen Yan, Deputy Head of Dalian Bureau of Urban Planning, and Qu Zhenru, Head of the Secretariat of the Policy Research Office of the CPC Dalian Municipal Committee, visited Shanghai Academy. Du Bowei, Head of the Secretariat of the Cooperation and Exchanges Office of Shanghai Municipal Government, accompanied them on the visit. Li Youmei, First Vice President of Shanghai Academy, Yang Huijun, Head of the Secretariat, and Zhu Cheng, Head of the Cooperation Division, received the visitors. Both sides had talks about cooperation.

At the talks, Shi Chuandong introduced the purpose of the trip. He said, Shanghai has achieved amazing development in recent years, and made notable achievements in a variety of fields. As a think tank jointly set up by CASS and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Shanghai Academy plays its role as a “brains trust”. Through the visit, he expects to tap the potential of bilateral cooperation, explore fields and approaches of cooperation, and thus achieve win-win results.

Li Youmei extended warm welcome to the visitors, and briefed the achievements that Shanghai Academy has obtained since its setup, as well as the fields it focuses on and the directions it works towards. She said, as a new-type think tank, Shanghai Academy shall change the old ideas, establish various systems adapted to a new-type think tank, explore the path for modern think tanks, and do what a think tank is supposed to do. It shall meet national fiscal policies, make bold innovation in institutional construction, grasp the trends of the time, and stay highly sensitive to hot issues. She added, as a new-type think tank based in Shanghai and serving the whole country, Shanghai Academy values how Beijing views Shanghai, and how the world views Shanghai. In the future, Shanghai Academy will continue to pay attention to national strategies, take part in the implementation of national strategies like the Belt and Road initiative, and work to build itself into a high-end think tank, a high-end talent cultivation base, a high-end platform for international exchanges and cooperation, and a high-end national situation investigation base (“four high-end bases”).

At the talks, a promotional video about Shanghai Academy was shown, improving the attendees understanding about Shanghai Academy. The talks also saw enthusiastic discussions about Shanghai Academy’s expert team construction, as well as the innovative means of payment and sources of research results.


(Article and photo by Xiang Jinmei)