Wang Jingqing Attends Shanghai Academy Think-tank Work Conference
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On the morning of July 8, Wang Jingqing, Vice President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Group (minister-level) of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), attended the new book launch conference of Gathering of Elites of the World and the First National Forum for Post-Doctors in the Science of Personnel. Wang Jingqing and his party specially took time out of their busy schedule to visit Shanghai Academy, and held a work conference on innovation of the system and mechanism for new-type think-tanks.

Wen Xueguo, the Executive Vice President of Shanghai Academy, reported various works since the Academy’s establishment, its current operation and recent work plan. Wang Jingqing and his party conducted a detailed survey on Shanghai Academy’s innovation of the system and mechanism for new-type think-tanks, fully affirmed the Academy’s works since its founding, and gave important instructions on current work and issues concerning future development. Besides, they inspired Shanghai Academy’s staff to continue persistent efforts to do a good job;  to realize the strategic deployment of Wang Weiguang, President and Secretary of the Party Group of CASS and Shanghai leaders; to establish Shanghai Academy and pioneer a new path of “academy-municipality cooperation”; and to explore and develop new models to make useful achievements and new contributions to implement (General Secretary) Xi Jinping’s indications in establishing a socialist new-type think-tank with Chinese characteristics, that meets the needs of the times. 

Sun Xueyu, Head of the Personnel Work Bureau of the CPC Organization Department, Yu Jiadong, Head of the Professional and Technical Personnel Management Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Chen Hao, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Zhang Guanzi, Head of the Personnel Education Bureau of CASS, Jin Donghan, President of Shanghai University, and Li Youmei, First Vice President of Shanghai Academy, participated in the above work conference.


(By Yang Huijun, photo by Xiang Jinmei)