Seminar on the Multidimensional Form of Confucianism Held at Shanghai Academy
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On May 23, the “Extension Thinking” Humanistic and Social Science Thoughts Exchange Platform of Shanghai Academy held a seminar on the Multidimensional Form of Confucianism. Scholars from Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, East China Normal University, Tongji University, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Donghua University, Shanghai University and other colleges and universities participated in the discussions at the seminar. Professor Zhu Cheng, Director of the Cooperation Division of Shanghai Academy, presided over the seminar.

In recent years, the views on the verse, philosophy, life, politics and religion-oriented studies of Confucianism have generated lively discussions in academic circles. Studies on the expression forms and functions of Confucianism in modern society have showed a multidimensional situation and formed the ideological trend of “One Confucianism and Multiple Expressions”. In this context, scholars who attended the seminar held vigorous discussions on the “Multidimensional Form of Confucianism”, in a detailed manner. They believed the discussion on Confucian must be based on the historical course of Confucianism development, and we must carefully study and sum up the historical forms of Confucianism development, in order to understand Confucianism in a complete and comprehensive manner. The scholars considered the two different academic aspects of verse-oriented and philosophy-oriented Confucian studies, and after discussions, agreed that the difference between each path lay in the study perspective. Scholarly study of the textual verse mainly concentrates on a specific institutional level, while philosophy-oriented study mainly reflects Confucianism as an abstract concept. Furthermore, they also made an intensive study and thorough discussion on the development, history and reality of Confucianism from the aspects of organisms, namely the theoretical and concrete generation of life forms.

Through discussion, the scholars affirmed the overall situation of “One Confucianism and Multiple Expressions” in theoretical and academic circles, and thought the “One-School Dominant System” was not good for Confucianism. They reasoned that, from the perspective of Confucian development, it was just these disputes within Confucianism, such as today’s disputes between Modern and Ancient Chinese prose and disputes between Han and Song Studies, that constantly give impetus for Confucianism to gain new vitality, and drive Chinese culture to continue to realize innovative development and creative transformation, together with other thought resources.

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(By Liu Jia and Xiang Jinmei)