Shanghai Academy is a research institute jointly set up by the CASS and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government on June 5, 2015, and its domicile is Beida Building of Shanghai University, No.149, Yanchang Road, Shanghai. 

Shanghai Academy following Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for A New Era

.Based in Shanghai and serving the whole country, Shanghai Academy aims to build itself into a high-end think tank, a high-end talent cultivation base, a high-end platform for international exchanges and cooperation and a high-end national situation investigation base (“four high-end bases”) by centering on the major theories and practical issues about the socialist reform and development and making use of the advantages of the CASS in scientific research and policy consulting. 

Shanghai Academy implements the president’s responsibility system under the leadership of the Academy Affairs Committee. The Academy Affairs Committee is the supreme decision-making organ of Shanghai Academy, and the Academic Committee is the supreme academic review organ of Shanghai Academy. Shanghai Academy includes Secretariat, Research Division, Cooperation Division, Administration Division and the Shanghai Branch of the Graduate School of the CASS, responsible for administration, research, teaching, conference and international cooperation. 

Shanghai Academy sets up Nine research centers in the first round, including the Survey and Data Center, Free Trade Area Research Center, World Archaeological Research Center, Modern Finance Research Center, Research Center for the Coordinated Development of Urban and Rural Areas, Research Center for Social Governance in Cities, Cultural Development Research CenterThe Modern Charity Research Center and World Media Research Center . The core research issues will cover international finance and trade, sustainable development of cities, innovation in social governance, communication of core values and some other key fields. 

Shanghai Academy will carry out scientific research, talent cultivation and international exchanges based on the research centers. It will recruit and cultivate master and doctor degree candidates, and set up postdoctoral workstations to attract, train and make use of various kinds of young talents. Meanwhile, it will launch relevant non-diploma trainings to train multiple kinds of professionals. 

Shanghai Academy will give play to its own advantages, cooperate with relevant research institutes, and carry out work centering on national strategies and the major tasks that Shanghai undertakes as a frontier in the move to deepen the reform, so as to achieve the positioning of “four high-end bases” and improve Shanghai’s research and innovation ability in strategic research, political suggestion provision, talent cultivation, public opinion guidance and public foreign affairs. It will vigorously explore institutional innovation in the construction of new-type think tanks with Chinese characteristics and further deepen cooperation with the city, with the aim to serve China’s reform and Shanghai’s innovation.


Organizational chart



Logo of Shanghai Academy


Shanghai Academy is a high-end think tank, jointly set up by CASS and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. With the vigorous support of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and the advantages of CASS in scientific research and policy consulting, Shanghai Academy is aimed to become a world-famous high-end think tank, a high-end base for talent cultivation, and a high-end platform for international exchanges and cooperation, based in Shanghai and serving the whole country. 

The logo consists of “S” and “A”, the initials of Shanghai Academy, the institution’s English name. The horizontal stroke in the letter “A” is taken out, forming a unique structural relation and coinciding with the curving style of the letter “S”. 

The outer ring gives the logo a classical temper, implying the stance of Shanghai Academy toward academic research, and adopts the traditional logo style of talent cultivation institutes.